Brits Abroad: Tips For Visiting Australia from the UK

by Kirsty on November 22, 2017

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Way back when we started this blog SEVEN years ago  (I can’t believe it’s been that long) we always planned to do the usual travel thing. Go to South East Asia for a few months and then travel to Australia, spend at least a year there on a working holiday visa and then maybe do the same in New Zealand.

Those plans soon changed when we found that we preferred to travel slow and fell in love with Thai food. We ended up living in Bangkok for over a year!

When we were living in Thailand we made new plans, we’d come home to get my teaching qualification THEN we’ll go to Australia for a year before we got too old to have a working holiday visa!

I’m not sure why we were so stuck on this working holiday visa thing…

I was talking to one of my friends who had just come back from an amazing 2 month road trip round Australia and I remember thinking that would be cool, I’d love to do that.

It was at that moment I thought maybe we don’t need to go for a year, we could just go in my summer holidays and still experience so many new things. 

Now, I’ve quit my teaching job and after looking at these stats I think I need to go in January from Edinburgh and book in August! So see you January 2019 Australia!


Brits Abroad: Tips For Visiting Australia from the UK courtesy of Flight Centre


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