Have I found the perfect lifestyle for me?

by Poi on May 18, 2015

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Now we’re back in the UK briefly and have a bit more spare time available, we can finally get around to writing about some of the amazing experiences we had in Tanzania that didn’t make it onto this site.

Our time on Mafia Island in particular was incredible and thankfully lived up to the demands of being the main reason we originally decided to head to Tanzania.

As I opened up my trusty battered notebook to try and put that time into words I stumbled across this.

Clearly I was in a very happy place at the time…

I think I’ve found my calling in life and it’s a pretty obvious one, one that many people before me have found and followed.

My destiny is to be a beach bum, or more accurately a beach bum who spends most of his time underwater.

The last ten days have been some of the happiest I’ve ever had. I used to think as long as I was in flip flops I’d be happy but it turns out the barefoot beach life is the way forward.

My island routine isn’t a complicated one, but one that is guaranteed (providing you like diving) to keep you entertained for a good while.

Diving with Big Blu Mafia IslandKirsty at the sand bank

Wake up at sunrise

Without the internet and pointless Facebook updates to stare at for half the night, my body clock has happily adjusted to the sunlight hours. The sun comes up and everyone emerges from their tents to try and be the first in the shared toilets.


As I’m getting up so early there is still over an hour until the dive shop starts serving breakfast so the day starts outside the tent with my kindle in hand. I’m flying through my reading list here.


Tea, juice, water, fruit, pancakes, muffins, toast and eggs. It’s a good job I’m only eating twice a day at the moment…

Big Blu Mafia IslandA little between-dive swim around


I’m easily pleased,  happy just floating on a boat but the world class diving on Mafia Island proves to be an easy distraction. Most of the day is spent on the boat or deep underneath it and with every dive site proving as good as the last I love every minute of it.

Nap Time

After returning from the boat in the mid-afternoon it’s time for a cup of tea and a nap. Sprawled out across the seats in the dive centres lounge is fine if the tent is too hot.

Mafia Island, TanzaniaOur dive centre of chocie

The one exception

We allow ourselves a small time on the computer to check our GoPro from earlier in the day. How many not so clear pictures and blurry videos have we taken today? Can we at least salvage some stills from them? Regardless of how they turn out it’s fun to remind ourselves of all the interesting things we found underwater and above.


A two minute stroll down the beach is a local restaurant. There’s only four tables and the chairs are terrible so we borrow cushions from the dive shop to make them a little more comfortable but the food is cheap and delicious.

Diving with Big BlueAnyone hungry?


Due to the lack of internet our evenings consist of actually talking to people (it took some getting used to) and unsurprisingly results in a lot of cool and interesting stories from all over the world. By 9:30pm we’re usually asleep.

Obviously it can’t last forever but I’ve a good feeling ten days will not be nearly enough. The dive sites all deserve at least a few visits each and with the stunning views on the surface as well maybe a month here in paradise would be more suitable?

Have you ever fallen into a simple routine like this you’d like to return to?


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Julie May 24, 2015 at 11:04 am

I could definitely manage 10 days here. I think. I would need a solid reading list for sure, and I’m always concerned about my ability to really chill out, but if I could, this would definitely be the place!
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Poi May 26, 2015 at 9:35 am

I usually get bored quite easily but like you say, with the right reading list this is an amazing place to really relax and the fact it’s completely gorgeous helps too…


Sand In My Suitcase June 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

We think we could happily be your neighbour beach bums for a while on this little island. Diving, sleeping, eating, reading – what’s not to like? We spoiled ourselves with almost 2 weeks of R-&-R on Zanzibar and Mnemba Island in Tanzania after a couple of safaris in South Africa and Zambia. But we have to confess we hadn’t heard of Mafia Island before. It looks like a great find :-).
Sand In My Suitcase´s last blog post ..St. Nicolas Bay: Chilling at one of the best hotels in Crete


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