November 2010

Getting stuck in Tunnels!

by Poi November 29, 2010

As the last stop on our easy rider tour we got a chance to check out how the Vietnamese soilders lived during the war, underground, eye opening to say the least…..

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Easy Riding Dalat to Saigon (Pt 2)

by Kirsty November 26, 2010

Part 2 of our easy rider tour from Dalat to Saigon, it was so action packed we have only included the highlights of the four days, this post has a church, some cashew nuts and finding out where rubber comes from

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Getting Your Western Fix

by Poi November 24, 2010

Whilst on the road we try to eat as much local food as possible but every now and again that desire comes around and we crave that western fix!

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Easy Riding From Dalat to Saigon – The Best Bits (Pt 1)

by Kirsty November 22, 2010

After spedning some extra time in Dalat we finally headed off on our easy rider tour through the central highlands and down to Saigon. Part 1 includes minority villages, elephants and a really pretty pagoda

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The Hospital Visit Dalat – Vietnam

by Poi November 19, 2010

On the saturday in Dalat we had planned to begin a four day easy rider tour around the highlands but instead we ended up visiting the hospital with a very ill Kirsty.

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Jumping off cliffs….Fun in Dalat!

by Poi November 17, 2010

We had been advised by somebody that canyoning in Dalat, Vietnam was meant to be very good so we decided to give it a go. Has to be one of the highlights of our trip so far!

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Sleeping on a Sleeper Bus – Making the most of the Sinh Cafe Night Buses

by Kirsty November 14, 2010

We’ve taken three sleeper buses in Vietnam and have definately learnt the hard way which are the best seats on the bus. Hopefully this will help you get it right first time.

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Easy riding – Part 2

by Kirsty November 10, 2010

Following on from part 1 of our easy rider tour around Dalat, Kirsty describes the afternoons activities including the big happy buddha, mushroom farm and everything inbetween.

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Easy riding – Part 1

by Poi November 8, 2010

This posts tells of our experience with one of the many easy riders offering their services in Dalat and everywhere in Vietnam for that matter. A day tour around Dalat.

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Crazy House

by Poi November 4, 2010

With a spare day in Dalat we had a quick flick through our guide book and decided to check out the crazy house and lets just say the name is very fitting.

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