Random Traveller #82 with Michelle of Global Jaunt

by Poi on August 31, 2012

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Welcome to round 82 of ‘Meet a Random Traveller’. The series dedicated to bring attention to fantastic people all around the world doing their thing.

Random Traveller 82 

Who are you?
My name is Michelle Weger and I am a 21 year old Canadian. I decided to take some time to travel before ‘growing up’. After finishing my BSc from Dalhousie University I headed to Africa for an overland trip. Since then I have been traveling extensively in North America and Europe.

What’s the deal?
I did a Euro-trip in high school and got tired of getting e-mails from my friends and family asking if I was still alive. When I set off to Africa I decided that it would be simpler to set up a blog for the people who care about me to read. I posted daily and around March (7 months into the blog) I started getting a lot of questions from people I didn’t know by e-mail. That’s when I decided to start writing advice articles as well. I like to think that my writing style is informative, yet entertaining.

Have you surprised yourself while travelling doing something you never thought you could?
In July 2012 I was offered the chance to try base-flying in Berlin. I am petrified of heights, so I never imagined that I would be able to do it. Somehow I managed to get myself up the 34 story building, and jumped off! It was the scariest thing that I’ve ever done, but so rewarding to face my fears!

Global Jaunt

Embracing the Samburo lifestyle in Kenya

Has there been somewhere you wanted so much to love but couldn’t?
I was really disappointed by the Pyramids. Seeing them was on my bucket list for years, so I was so excited when I got the chance to go in October 2011. However, I was really disappointed! There were people climbing all over the Pyramids; I even saw someone carving their name into the stone! It was hard to walk around the Pyramids, as there were so many people hassling me to purchase things. Even going inside one of the Pyramids was disappointing, as there was nothing inside the hot, cramped room. However, the Monroe Pyramids in Sudan were amazing- so don’t write them all off!

Global Jaunt

Base jumping in Berlin

If you had to settle down in one location tomorrow where would it be?
Dubrovnik! I only spent three days in this town, but I loved it! The little streets winded round and round, with each hiding an interesting shop. The houses are adorable, with their white walls and brown roofs. I loved sitting on the porch of my guest house looking out at the city, and the water beyond it. I would go back in an instant, preferably for as long as possible!

What’s next? (Future travel plans)
Iceland; another bucket list destination! I have been dreaming of going to Iceland for years now, so I am so excited! I am planning to go whale watching, hiking, and fishing. It is going to be a blast! After that comes India- it will be a nice switch from outdoor adventure to culture. I am really looking forwards to it!

A big thanks to Michelle for taking part, great to have you. Be sure to check her out here:

Blog: Global Jaunt
Facebook: /GlobalJaunt
Twitter: @GlobalJaunt

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Ann Samson December 4, 2012 at 5:48 pm

That’s really disappointing about the Pyramids. I can’t believe someone carved their name into them. for some reason, I’ve never been all that interested in seeing them. I found the pyramids in Latin America just as cool.


Adventure Strong December 30, 2012 at 6:43 am

It’s sad to hear how poorly the pyramids in Egypt are being maintained. I can’t believe someone was actually carving their name on one! That’s nuts.

Iceland should be a lot of fun. There’s so much beautiful hiking to be done there!


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