Random Traveller #26

by Kirsty on October 15, 2010

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Welcome to round 26 of ‘Meet a Random Traveller’. Although we have hit the road now, we are still looking for new random travellers as we will mix them up between bloggers and “normal” travellers! So this week it’s a blogger….

Random Traveller #26

Who are you?
My name is Gillian and I’ve just returned from a one year RTW trip. My partner Jason and I left in June 2009 and returned in May of this year.

I had wanted to do something big for some time, but none of our ideas worked out. This is something that I’m not sure I could have ever predicted but we finally grew the balls and just did it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done…so far.

I blogged about our preparations, and our travel at One-Giant-Step.com. I’m still actively blogging about the coming home and what’s next…what do you do after taking such a Giant Step?

people setting off on thier rtw trip

Gillian and Jason at Van

Don’t you have a home to go to?
Literally, no we didn’t. We sold our house and our car to finance our travels. We put the rest of our stuff in storage and secured LOA’s from our jobs. We certainly had to leave friends and family behind but the rest of it? It’s just stuff.

Now that we’re back ‘home’ we’re living in a furnished apartment while we decide what’s next for us – we still haven’t unpacked that storage locker.

Where have you been?
We visited Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, and Bali.

14 countries in one year…and I wish we had travelled slower. It seems sometimes as though we just skipped along the surface. I think I would travel slower if I were to do it again. Not visit so many places within a country – spend some time settling down and really getting to know a place.

Running Down The Dune...Too Much Fun.

Running Down The Dune…Too Much Fun.

Where are you heading to?
Since we have been away we realize how much we enjoy being away and how much we are capable of. We think that living in Europe is within our reach and so that is our next goal. We realize, however, that it wouldn’t be financially smart to jump over to Europe right after gallivanting around the world for a year…and so we’ll stay in Canada to build up some savings again.

What’s your favorite place so far?
That’s hard because many of the places were so different from each other and so I liked them for different reasons. And because my needs, wants and perceptions changed the longer we were on the road.

When someone asks though I usually say Peru. I think because it was first it holds a special place for me. There everything was new and exciting and travel was novel. Later on in the trip I let the extraordinary seem ordinary and didn’t marvel enough at it.

Gillian And The Mountains, Poon Hill Trek-1

Gillian And The Mountains, Poon Hill Trek-1

What’s in your bag that you are yet to touch?
We had a pretty tight packing list so there wasn’t much that wasn’t used, although we did each send a pair of running shoes home (what was I thinking? Running?). The first aid kit didn’t see much action – but that’s probably a good thing.

A big thanks to Gillian and Jason for agreeing to take part in this. Check them out on Twitter at @OneGiantStep

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Gillian October 16, 2010 at 3:30 am

Thanks guys for having us!! It was fun to answer the questions and browse through all the other ‘random travelers’!! Cheers!


Poi October 17, 2010 at 6:00 am

Pleasure to have you guys!


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