Random Traveller #13

by Kirsty on July 2, 2010

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Welcome to round 13 of ‘Meet a Random Traveller’. Once we hit the road this section will be dedicated to the people we meet along the way but, until then, we shall meet some of the guys and gals who have beat us to it and are already out their doing their thing.

Random Traveller #13

heather in a st patricks day hat

Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day (30th birthday!)

Who are you?
I’m a career counselor turned career breaker! For the last six years I’ve helped college students discover their passions, learn about internship and job opportunities, and develop job search skills. After telling so many 18-22 year olds to follow their interests and dreams — with a handful of them looking for international experiences — I knew I had to follow my own advice and pursue a dream of long-term travel. At 30 I’ve resigned from my job to travel, live, and (hopefully!) work on Australia’s 1-year work and holiday visa. Ever since a 3-week trip to Australia in 2006, I’ve been itching to come back and spend several months here. Looks like I now have 12.

I’ve only been in Australia for a week and a half now, but I started http://www.theresnoplacelikeoz.com a couple of months ago, and I’m @noplacelikeoz on Twitter.

Don’t you have a home to go to?
I’ve lived all of 8 years of my life in Virginia, USA, and that is definitely where home is at the end of the day. For the last few years I was unsure if I would ever travel long term because I wasn’t ready to be away from family (we’re close) and friends for so long. Obviously at some point the desire (need?) to travel made itself heard loudly enough to prevail 🙂

While Virginia means a lot to me, I’ve had a few experiences where other places really felt like a second home. Within hours of arriving In Berlin, I fell in love with the city and felt a sense of “home” throughout my stay. Four years ago at the end of the trip to Australia, I watched the Wizard of Oz at the Opera House and remember thinking “there’s no place like Australia (Oz)” instead of “there’s no place like home” (hence the name of the website!). And I have a fantastic group of friends in London and could probably move there in a heartbeat.

This trip became something I knew I’d regret for the rest of my life if I didn’t at least try. I hope I don’t run out of money and have to go home early, but if I do, at least I took a risk and pursued something worth chasing.

heather and friends

Watching an Australian sporting event in an Irish pub in Barcelona

Where have you been?
Obviously Australia (Sydney and Brisbane on that first trip), Germany (Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Stuttgart), Ireland (my first trip abroad in 2003 and then again just to Dublin this past March), London (four times to see my lovely friends), Paris (just for a day), Barcelona, and Istanbul.

Where are you heading to?
I was in Sydney last week, Melbourne at the present, and head to Adelaide in a week. From there I have a 6-day trip in the Outback, hen on to Queensland, and then probably back to Sydney to find a job. Whenever this adventure in Australia ends, I hope to have some money remaining to see New Zealand and SE Asia before going home. India, southern and southeastern Africa, and Patagonia are next on my list. Any future travel partners out there?!


the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

In front of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul with a new friend

What’s your favorite place so far?
Tough question — one I’ve tried to answer before! At the time of the visit to Berlin, it became my favorite city I’d ever been…I just felt a connection instantly. London is special to me because of the wonderful friends I have there. And Australia captured my heart and attention four years ago, so that’s why I’m back. I guess that kind of makes it my favorite?!

With my youngest sister in London

What’s in your bag that you are yet to touch?
I’m actually pretty pleased with what I’m carrying around with me (probably my next blog post), and after a week and a half there’s only two things I’ve either yet to use or tossed. I had to throw out a shirt already (I’m tempted to replace it) and I haven’t used any of the mini bottle of mouthwash. My mom bought me all of these cute travel items for the trip, and I pretty much had to leave all of them at home. She said it didn’t hurt her feelings in the least, but I decided I would at least take the tiny mouthwash along. Brushing and flossing have done me just fine, but I guess I should start using it so I can eventually toss the bottle 🙂


A big thanks to Heather for agreeing to take part in this. Be sure to check her blog and follow her on twitter.

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Heather July 2, 2010 at 11:28 pm

Thanks guys!!! So looking forward to seeing you on the road 🙂

Currently in Alice Springs after that 6-day Outback trip and I fly to Sydney today.
Heather´s last blog post ..Visit- See- Experience- Give Radelaide a Go-


Andi July 3, 2010 at 4:45 pm

CONGRATS on taking a huge risk! It’s definitely going to be the best decision you ever made. Oz is one of the greatest places in the world. Enjoy Melbs for me please!!!
Andi´s last blog post ..India- Day 5 Part 6


Jaime D. October 29, 2010 at 5:00 am

Oh wow I remember reading this way back in July, I didn’t know this was Heather from at TheresNoPlaceLikeOz!!! I love her blog~
Jaime D.´s last blog post ..175HRS IN JAIL


Poi October 30, 2010 at 7:09 am

She’s awesome isn’t she!!


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