Random Traveller #105 with Amber of With Husband In Tow

by Poi on February 28, 2014

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Welcome to round 105 of ‘Meet a Random Traveller’. The series dedicated to bringing attention to fantastic people all around the world doing their thing.

Random Traveller #105

Who are you?

I’m Amber, and after 10 years as an attorney, I left my job at the largest law firm in the world and decided to start living my life. I am now a recovering tax lawyer, perpetual nomad, intrepid foodie, and yoga teacher, traveling the world With Husband In Tow. I plan, Eric follows, and after 65 countries and 12 years of marriage, I want to share our travel tales with the world.

With Husband in Tow

Amber and Eric in Dubai

Whats the deal?

During our first RTW in 2009, I set up a simple blog just for friends and family on My Travel Blog. It got the job done for that trip. Just before leaving the US in 2012, though, I knew I wanted something a little more, something with more freedom and creativity. So, I launched a travel blog, and then rebranded to With Husband In Tow just a few months later. As much as I occasionally catch some slack from men around the globe who feel threatened by the blog name, Eric actually came up with the title, and wears his “in tow” title with pride. Currently, I focus on Southeast Asia travel, my addiction to food, and our lives as recently transplanted expats living in Bali.

Where are you right now and what are you doing?

We are currently stalled in Ubud, Bali, where we have been on and off for the last 9 months. Looks like we are staying put, for at least another year. We actually recently signed a one year lease, which is an amazing amount of commitment for us. In addition to the blog, we are working on a couple of digital nomad projects and I am trying to launch my yoga teaching career. What are we not doing? Planning much travel for 2014. Even without traveling, I still continue to find so many stories to share on the site, either based on recent trips, or just on what it is like to live in an amazing place like Bali.

With Husband In Tow

With Husband In Tow  – Thailand

Is there anything unusual that you carry around with you on trips?

We manage to each squeeze a Jade traveling yoga mat into our bags. When we are pushing maximum density, they can be attached to the outside, but otherwise, they fold up nicely inside. I can bet that many long term travelers don’t “waste” precious backpack space with a couple of yoga mats. But, for me, it is a necessity.

Have you ever visited a place you wanted and expected to love but just couldn’t?

Central America. All of it. We had been to the beaches of Belize previously, but I came up with the bright idea of starting in Guatemala and working our way down to Panama, before hopping over to South America. Guatemala was pleasant, and we made some good friends there. But after that, things went south. We just did not click with the region, from a culinary perspective, from a logistical perspective. Instead of continuing onto South America, where we had been before and had friends to visit, we hopped a flight from Panama to Miami to Zurich to Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. About 39 hours of economy class travel to get ourselves as far away from Central America as possible and back into the welcoming arms of Southeast Asia, where our hearts truly lie.

With Husband in Tow

Amber and Eric – Gili Islands 

What’s next?

Staying put for a change. We are heading to Taiwan in May for a visa run, and are planning to spend the first anniversary of Eric’s 39th birthday in Sri Lanka this July. Later this year, we may return to Spain and Italy to eat like crazy and drink lots of wine. I love my life in Bali, but sometimes the body needs a gluttonous splurge.

A big thanks to Amber for taking part. Check her out here:
Blog: With Husband In Tow
Facebook: /WithHusbandInTow
Twitter:  @HusbandInTow

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mike-The Fighting Couple March 1, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Great interview! Amber and Eric are the greatest! We are hoping to see this this summer in Bali.
mike-The Fighting Couple´s last blog post ..How to Speak Australian


Franca May 15, 2014 at 8:27 am

Guys we should meet up if we are still in Spain and feast on olives together 🙂 Lovely interview Amber and enjoy Taiwan when you do your visa run, it’s a beautiful country!
Franca´s last blog post ..Two Years Later, Our Packing List Refreshed


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