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Saving While Working Abroad

by Poi September 15, 2011

Living in Bangkok has been so much fun so far but balancing all that fun with trying to save money is proving to be quite a challenge and here’s why….

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Money makes the world go round

by Kirsty August 18, 2010

Bank accounts vs credit cards! It seems if you are travelling world wide there is a lot to chose from. We discuss what current accounts and credit cards we are taking round the world

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by Kirsty July 6, 2010

Poi and I have only recently got into the swing of giving things up, before then we were finding it incredibly difficult to say no to our friends.

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The Reality Check

by Kirsty May 4, 2010

A nice day trip to Shrewsbury ruined by the sudden realisation that we have to step up our savings game. To spend, or not spend…..

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How has Poi been saving?

by Kirsty March 22, 2010

I’ll be the first to admit I am terrible at saying no to things, so trying to save lots of money is quite hard especially when you live with three friends, I’ve tried my best…..

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How has Kirsty Been Saving?

by Kirsty March 21, 2010

Saving is meant to be pretty easy, cut out on all the unecessaries, but I found it pretty hard to work out what things were really unecessary. Most things which are deemed unecessary are the things I really enjoy!

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