March 2010

Why go to all this trouble? Travel blogs…

by Kirsty March 31, 2010

There is a lot of effort goes into making a travel blog, wouldn’t it be better to just sit on a beach all day and relax, why bother with the hastle of keeping this place updated?

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5ive Months to go!

by Kirsty March 25, 2010

Another month has vanished in what seemed like a few days, you’ve read Six months to go so how are we getting on a month later with 5ive months to go (see what I did there?)

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How has Poi been saving?

by Kirsty March 22, 2010

I’ll be the first to admit I am terrible at saying no to things, so trying to save lots of money is quite hard especially when you live with three friends, I’ve tried my best…..

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How has Kirsty Been Saving?

by Kirsty March 21, 2010

Saving is meant to be pretty easy, cut out on all the unecessaries, but I found it pretty hard to work out what things were really unecessary. Most things which are deemed unecessary are the things I really enjoy!

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Travelling? Why Would We Want to do a thing Like That?

by Kirsty March 17, 2010

Everyones got their own reasons for going travelling. We’re going to share with you everything we do during our trip so why not tell you why we are doing it. Here’s a look at the reasons we decided to ditch everything and give this travelling game a go.

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by Kirsty March 11, 2010

We thought we best have a rough idea of where we are travelling to, at least to begin with so here’s the first few stops of the trip. Be sure to check back and see the updated itinerary as time goes on.

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When We Decided to Make the jump

by Kirsty March 9, 2010

So we both really want to go travelling but how did we decide when our adventure should start and how did we finally commit to a departure date.

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Our Plans!

by Kirsty March 4, 2010

All this talk of disappearing off around the world with no ties to hold us back but just what do we hope to get up to while we are away.

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